The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

The Princess Diarist is the autobiography of Carrie Fisher. It follows her during the filming of the first Star Wars movie. Carrie Fisher played the female lead, Princess Leia, in these movies.


I have never been a fan of autobiographies. I could count on one hand autobiographies I have read and actually enjoyed, as a lot of the time, I find that autobiographies are not very well written. The language is usually very basic and the stories they tell are boring. Despite that I was very excited to read this book as I am a huge fan of Star Wars and I absolutely adored Carrie Fisher. I was pleasantly surprised that the book was well written, witty and, at times, heart breaking.


The book was released about a month before her and her mother’s, Debbie Reynolds, deaths. I felt reading this made parts of the book even more tragic. Carrie Fisher has always been one of my idols. She was the female lead in my favourite movies. Carrie Fisher struggled with anxiety and depression and as someone who has also suffered from these things, I have always looked up to her.


The book starts with her talking about the beginning of her life. She discusses how she dealt with having a famous mother and the time leading up to her audition for Star Wars. She uses a mixture of writing and excerpts from her diary at the time of filming.


Being an avid fan of the Star Wars universe, I thought that I knew everything that there was to know about these films. But I was quite wrong. There is a rather big revelation in this book that Carrie has never discussed before. It is something that shocked me and made me feel very differently about one of the people involved. It is something that Carrie discussed during promotion of the book, but to avoid spoilers, I won’t discuss it here.


I loved this book. I couldn’t pick any faults with it at all. Carrie Fisher was, to my surprise, a wonderful writer. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. I loved the extracts from her diary, the poetry she wrote was funny and at times saddening. I learnt a lot of things I did not know about my idol and the movies that I love. I will definitely be reading more of her work in the near future!



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